Not the right time to impose death penalty

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

WHY is Kerenga Kua so ada­mant about the death penalty?
All pros and cons must be thoroughly studied before the death sentence can be imposed.
There are other severe pu­nishments that can be meted out in­stead of the death penalty.
Although the idea is good, it is too early and our judicial system is not prepared for it.
Our courts cannot prove be­yond reasonable doubt that someone is guilty of a crime and, as such, many innocent people will be wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.
Our forensic unit is still at the infant stage, fingerprint analy­sis has not been implemented na­tionwide, accurate identi­fication testing such as DNA tests are not in place, etc.
If Kua is adamant, he should first set up institutions to train, improve and equip the police in­vestigation unit rather than im­pose the death penalty based on circumstantial evidence and eye witnesses who are not credible.
Many inmates in Bomana are being held on suspicious grounds and they spend their time waiting for justice to prevail.
This is an abuse of their hu-man rights.
We should not make deci­-sions out of emotions but allow for proper planning and implementation.

Kole Cops