Not the time to eye PM’s post, Parkop

Letters, Normal

SO much has been publicised in our two dailies about the qualities and credentials of NCD Governor Powes Parkop and his achievements.
Many people have also said he would be an ideal candidate as the next prime minister.
Like many citizens of this nation, I commend and acknowledge his efforts.
However, I am of the view that Mr Parkop is not ready to lead the nation yet simply because national issues are dealt with in a totally different manner.
Running NCD is one thing, but it is a different thing altogether when it comes to running the country.
Moreover, the recent move by the NCD Governor from the Opposition to the middle bench simply shows that he is not a team player and is still undecided on national issues. 
A leader should have the charisma to lead and be seen to let justice take its course.
The noble thing to do if he had suspected corruption in the Opposition (which may have caused him to move) is to point out issues that are erroneous and come up with amicable solutions within the Opposition caucus.
It is common sense that running away from problems does not solve anything but creates room for more problems.
If the governor has dashed from the Opposition over these reasons, it gives the impression that he cannot stand up and fight.
I believe that Mr Parkop’s move is merely the result of his close association with the National Alliance party and he should just admit the fact that he has joined the Government.
To conclude, I still think Mr Parkop has done well for NCD and I strongly urge him to continue to deliver as there will be a lot happening over the next 20 years, especially with the upcoming LNG project.
Taking a shot at the prime minister’s post now is too early and will only smear his reputation he has built.


Yutz Yet