Not time for sex education

Letters, Normal

The National Monday, December 13, 2010

I REFER to the letters by “Spardzwennar” and Timothy (The National, Dec 8).
They are ignorant.
Research has shown that HIV/AIDS is growing and sex education will only aggravate the situation.
Our approach to HIV/AIDS is soft and not effective.
We need to use real images to show patients, their sores, sufferings, etc, on posters instead of saying “No to sex”.
Who are we trying to change or impress?
Sex education is a foreign concept and will never work unless we embrace our PNG way of development.
Our people are not fully developed mentally.
I live in the urban area but work mostly in remote areas.
Teaching the children about sex early will contribute to a total breakdown of their social system.
We claimed to be educated, but are we?
We are all brain-washed by western culture and always want the easier way out.
But that is wrong, sori tru! 

D. Badi