Nothing good in life comes the easy way

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

I REFER to the letter, “Students duty to speak for the silent majority” (The National, June 9).
I disagree with the writer that students entering the universities have twofold duties of study and speak for the silent majority.
I think students enter university with a primary responsibility of pursuing knowledge in their chosen field of study.
Our students are not sent as watchdogs of the executive government’s performances, public policies, laws and practices.
I think that our three discipline forces, police, defense and CIS have been given the primary role of upholding the constitutions, related laws and public policies and practices of country.
Our three disciplined forces have primary responsibilities of upholding the constitution and eradicating corrupt governments and set up good governments for the best interest of the nation.
Unfortunately, these forces have failed to fulfill their delegated responsibilities in the past 40 years of our political history.
Experiences in most developing countries and elsewhere show that it is the disciplined forces that are there to uphold the constitution, dethrone corrupt governments, set up military governments and return to civilian governments.
Conscious of military coups has been able to instill discipline and transparency in civilian governments in developing countries such as Papua New Guinea.
Fiji has just done that.
In PNG, our three disciplined forces have been serving their personal, sectional and selfish interest at the expense of the national interest. There is no unity between police, defense and CIS.
In 1997, police supported Sir Julius Chan when defense attempted a military coup.
Even today, our three disciplined forces are divided among themselves to serve individual politicians and corrupted government than the collective interest of the 8 million people of PNG.
They are dancing to the music played by politicians.
If our disciplined forces are serving the nation’s interest which they have sworn to serve while holding the bible, then they will make politicians and corrupt governments to dance to their music.
Disciplined forces in PNG have underestimated their coercive powers to make politicians and corrupt governments to do the right things.
Their coercive powers have been compromised as a result of serving sectional and personal interest.
I think students been volunteers who have become sacrificial lamb at the altar of democracy in PNG.
Ever since the days of late Malipu Balakau and up until now, students have been forced to sacrifice their studies, good grades, scholarship and their very lives because those who supposed to do their jobs are not doing their part.
Most of the students are sons and daughters of the three disciplined forces. Parents are sleeping and the children are giving them a wake up for them to do the right thing at the right time.
I think it is shameful that police are shooting at unarmed students at UPNG. The students are only helping police to uphold the constitution and eradicate corrupt governments in PNG.
The police hierarchy should reassess their roles and start to do the right thing and likewise all disciplined forces.
As for the students, nothing good in life comes the easy way. There must be sacrifices, sweats, tears and blood for salvation of a nation.
After all, Jesus Christ son of God showed us the way that he has to sacrifice his life as a ransom for the salvation of humanity.
Sacrifice is the way to pursue your goals.

Rev. Pastor Mamando Pain
Mt Hagen, WHP