Nothing to show for in Imbonggu

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013

 THIS is in response to the letter “Awesa must act with impartiality (The National, March 27) by Karilpoi Yopeari.

Living in Lower Mendi LLG area, there is nothing to show for in the past five years.

The Yaria health centre was built using SHPG funds when An­derson Agiru was governor.

There still is no joint district planning and budget priority committee in Im­bonggu, no agriculture pro­grammes, no health services apart from na­tional government grants, no funding for schools from the MP or scholarships for tertiary students.

Rural electrification pro­gramme has come to a halt, there is a lack of 

communication services, roads are deteriorating and water supply and sa­nitation programmes are non-existent.

Where did all the funds earmarked for deve­lopment in the last five years go?

I call on the Task Force Sweep and the Ombudsman Commission to conduct a thorough investi­gation.

Many projects were submitted to the national planning department and the office of rural deve­lopment but there is no­thing to show for.



Undiri, Lower Mendi