Nothing wrong with freeway but clowns using it

Letters, Normal

The National , Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I REFER to your headline “Freeway ban” (May 26).
What a knee-jerk reaction.
Are we going to ban trucks from using the Kasam Pass and Daulo down to Laiagam town?
Are we going to ban heavy vehicles from using the road to Porgera?
I don’t think so.
The freeway is not a problem, but the drivers are.
If the police were to spend more time checking and banning unroadworthy vehicles and root out reckless drivers, they would be doing the country a good ser­vice.
The gradient from the Ridge down to Moro in Kutubu is steeper and longer than the descent from Burns Peak and yet there are no fatalities or runaway vehicles.
The reason is vehicles are rigorously checked at three-monthly intervals, a 30kph speed limit is strictly enforced, drivers are professionally trained and monitored, and there is no alcohol or drugs available on site.
So is the solution in Port Moresby to allow trucks to go through the middle of downtown where the police are already losing the fight to control traffic?
As it is, the central business district is a nightmare because the authorities are allowing vehicles to double park and even triple park sometimes.
Can you imagine the congestion when trailers and semi-trailers inch their way along the CBD?
The answer is to stop issuing licences to wantoks and kids with no experience, check the status of vehicles and drivers, control the speed limit and the problem will be solved.
There is nothing wrong with the road but there is everything wrong with the clowns using it.


Million mile driver