Notice needs to be explained


This notice appeared on the public notice board of the Morobe Land Transport Control Board (MLTCB) last week and had many taxi owners and public motor vehicle (PMV) service providers confused.
Thus, further clarification is needed so that the public are more aware.
First of all, under which board meeting resolution of MLTCB was this decision endorsed?
As far as many people are aware, this board has never held any meetings since the first quarter this year and this notice does not state any meeting resolution, number or dates that validate endorsement.
A board that governs a government organisation must have widespread and extensive consultation from board members and the public alike.
Individuals within the board must not run it like their little tucker boxes in the settlements, where their interests take precedence.
Secondly, how can a selected number of taxi operators become regulators of tax services in Lae City?
The criteria and decision to give out taxi permits must be left to an independent body and not to people who already have vested interests in this sector.
This amounts to anti-competitive practices and the ICCC must be called in to investigate this decision.
It would be in the chairman’s interest to come out publicly and explain how the process of selecting three taxi operators was undertaken and also where the owners of the taxi operators are originally from.
How can the Morobe people involved in the PMV sector have their businesses controlled by people from other provinces while doing business in their own province?
Whose interest is the chairman serving?
He must come out to explain this move or else the public will call for an investigation into this decision and affairs of MLTCB management and board.
MLTCB must not be run by individuals within the organisation like their private business.
The governor and Morobe administration must use this opportunity to make changes for the betterment of Morobe public and the transport sector within the province.

Concerned Morobean
Lae City