NSBL has interim board

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The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

THE National Souths Basketball League (NSBL) appointed a new interim board during a meeting in Mendi last month and is now taking charge of the affairs of the league.
With the appointment of the new board, they will be able to prepare for the 4th National Souths basketball tournament in Mendi on June 4-6.
Interim president Timothy Mako said in Mt Hagen that the board was appointed to ensure they work towards staging a successful tournament.
Mako said an annual general meeting will be held on March 6 for the current board to present the 2009-10 annual reports.
He said the meeting would be held at Kumin Guest Haus in Mendi.
Mako added that the tournament ould be a bigger and a better one compared to the previous ones.
The interim board: Zakaya Kuni – Undiri Sports Association (president), Tubi Tiam (Mendi town representative), Yoko Tasa (police representative) and Babara Pinpin (women’s representative).