NSL enters stage 2

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The National, Friday February 12th, 2016


THE second stage of the National Soccer League (NSL), the Champions League that was disrupted by an appeal by Erema Gulf FC this week will now kick off next weekend, NSL board deputy chairman Dan Kakaraya said yesterday.

Kakaraya said when considering the grounds of Erema’s appeals they saw that according to the last points of the conference stage they still fell behind second-placed PKA Rapatona on the point’s ladder of the Southern Conference. Even if their appeal is successful they still will not make it.

The top four teams that to play in the National Champions League are PKA Rapatona, Hekari, Welgris Morobe and Lae City Dwellers.

The draw that starts next week was put in the box and picked up members of the NSL board. PKA Rapatona was picked a team number 1, Hekari was team 2, Welgris Morobe was picked as number 3 and Lae City Dwellers as team 4.

According to the six weeks draw the first game – on Feb 20 –  will  be played between team 1 and 2 which is a Southern Conference home game and team 3 and 4 which is a Northern Conference home game.

Koima said now that the decision on the appeal had been made  the top four teams would advance to the National Champions League to complete the 2015-2016 season. 

“After the decision we have informed Erema and they have accepted our decision so there would be no disruptions until the finals on March 19,” he said. 

When asked about the Golden Boot and the Most Valuable Player Koima said the points for those two awards would be carried over to the National Champions League for the two winners to be announced during the finals.

Koima said for the third and fourth teams would have no play offs but would be given their prizes.

In regard to the Madang incident Koima said they got the footage from EMTV for reviewing so the disciplinary committee can take necessary actions. 

The finals would be played in Port Moresby on March 19.


Game 1 – Home game, (20/2/16).

1 vs. 2 – (Rapatona vs Hekari) Bisini

3 vs. 4 – (Welgris vs Dwellers) Sir Ignatius Stadium.




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