NSL urges retired public servants to verify details


Public servants who retired in the past two years have been urged by Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL) to visit its branches to verify details in order to receive their entitlements.
Chairman Anthony Smare said this on Tuesday when confirming receipt of K100 million NSL received from the State for unfunded payments for former public servants.
He said K100 million would go towards paying public servants who exited employment between June 2017 and April 2018.
“Since July 2018, the State has made K250 million in payments, settling the unfunded liability for more than 5100 retired public servants,” Smare said.
“I thank Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel, Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele and Deputy Secretary Manu Mono for the progress made to address this issue through the past year.
“I also encourage the exited members who are receiving these funds into their accounts to talk to Nambawan Super staff about how the fund can continue to invest these funds on their behalf to grow during their retirement, providing them with income for their retirement to help offset the loss of their salaries.”
Smare said Nambawan Super would continue to work closely with the State to settle the remaining affected members as soon as possible.
All payments to affected members will include interest to the date of payment.
Smare said members would be notified to contact the superfund’s call center or branch to finalise their details so as to arrange outstanding payments.
NSL chief executive officer Paul Sayer said: “Once we got the verification from members, we make the payments.
“Money (K100 million) is available as of today (Tuesday).”