Nuku’s hopes lie with Sungi

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

NOW that the people of Nuku Open have given Joe Sungi their mandate, we hope he will focus his attention on bringing basic services such as roads, schools, water supply and health care to the electorate.
The people have suffered enough for the past 15 years because of neglect by selfish leaders.
Hopefully, things will now change.
We look forward to Sungi’s leadership.
He promised to work closely with the people and to develop the electorate.
We do not need any foreign advisers to discuss and provide advice on issues relating to the development of Nuku district in terms of administration, technical manpower and infrastructure development.
We also urge the outgoing MP, Andrew Kum­bakor, to support and cooperate with Sungi if he truly cares for the people.

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