Nuku demands solution for cocoa pod bora

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 19th of February, 2014

ALLOW me to raise my concerns over the lack of support from the Nuku district  administration  and the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to eradicate or minimise the spread of cocoa pod bora disease that is affecting our local cocoa farmers.
Nuku  is  one  of  the  major cocoa-producing districts in the country and our farmers largely depend on earnings from it to meet school fees and other needs.
The lack of support and the ignorance by our leaders and district administration means that our people will continue to suffer.
Our government is pumping a lot of money into all districts in the form of DSIP funds and we should not be saying that we do not have money.
We want responsible public servants to be in the district and to show some commitment towards helping our farmers eradicate this disastrous disease.
Yangoru-Saussia member Richard Maru is doing a wonderful job for farmers  in  his  district by supplying hybrid cocoa seedlings that are resistant to cocoa pod bora and I think that can be done for our farmers as well.
Please be reminded that PNG is no longer in the colonial era where citizens are not educated or cannot stand up for what is right.
Nuku citizens are not blind and we are watching with great interest.
Nuku farmers demand an immediate intervention from all stakeholders concerned to find a solution to this problem.

Zachary Nuar
Via email