Numbers game


SOME intellectuals have openly criticised the government run by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill with his coalition partners.
Many people have directly attacked the MPs on the government side for their performance during this term of parliament.
Some MPs who are previously in government resigned and aligned with the alternative government were heavily involved in heated debate on the floor of parliament last week.
Not knowing that they were part of the issues were raised.
Many of them said that they resigned for the interest of the people.
Where were they when the decisions were raised made on the floor of parliament? Were they all on holiday at that time?
They should simply say we move around for our own interest.
The little people in the rural parts of the country have nothing to do with the heavy politics.
It is better to play politics among yourselved and don’t use innocent voters as your buffer zone to gain civil society’s support to pressure their local MPs to join the two political factions in the two camps.
It is a numbers game and who shoots the goal will eventually form the next government.
The core of the battle is the people and we the people will judge you and your performance in 2022.