Numu appeals for calm during recount in Goroka

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Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu has appealed to the candidates of Chimbu regional recount to take full control of their supporters and show some respect for the people in Goroka when counting is in progress.
Numu was responding to issues raised on supporters travelling to Goroka who were not respecting traffic rules and disturbing the peace.
He appealed to the provincial police commander, the police tasked on the counting and police on the ground to take full control of the situation so counting would not be disturbed.
The national court-ordered recount is taking place at the National Sports Institute (NSI) in Eastern Highlands and is expected to go on for the next 3 weeks.
“We must not break the law,” he said.
“There are traffic laws and there are speed limits.
“When police escort ballot boxes from the police station to NSI, a normal convoy should follow.
“Vehicles following the ballot boxes should be behind the police convoy.
“When you break traffic laws, people’s lives will be put at stake.”
Numu said children should be intimidated when walking to and from school by the movement of supporters and urged them all to maintain peace and people of Eastern Highlands continue their normal business.
“When we Eastern Highlands come to Chimbu, we will respect Chimbu. We will respect your children, people and the government of Chimbu,” he said.
“So Chimbu, when you come down here, Eastern Highlands is your big brother. So you must respect Eastern Highlands as your big brother.”
Numu also thanked Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato for trusting Eastern Highlands to host the recount.

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