Numu calls for political unity so province can grow


SAYING the time for playing politics is over, Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu is appealing to local leaders to set aside their differences and help develop the province.
“Let us all work together to serve the people of Eastern Highlands,” he said. “Their interests supersede everything else. Those who spread rumours, false and misleading information about the governor, his office and the provincial administration are con artists and cargo cult practitioners.
“As long as I am governor, I will continue to support important government programmes and services in the province.
“The governor’s seat is not my birthright. If people are not happy with my leadership, they have the power to choose a new leader in the next election.”
Numu said the time for playing politics was over, “if you want to challenge me, you can do so in 2022”.
The first-term governor spoke last Friday when officiating at the opening of new teachers’ houses in the Mando Primary School, Daulo.


  • Good on you Hon.Peter Numu and Party Leader for PNG One Country.Discriminations and criticisms does not qualify for development personally or generally but rather retardation.I as personally love this statement “The governor’s seat is not my birth right” is factual saying.Hon.Peter Numu,never back off and keep continue to serve the interests of people in your province and nation as a whole as you are bound to that sole duty.

  • With you leader.

    Jealousy comes from those greedy and selfish people who would try to mislead other people of false information and negativity of the true leader.

    It has come to my attention that you have been dong a great and a tremendous jobs since the first time you entered you office. Looking back at the unseen and building up the loopholes from the back has been your priority that we should thank that.

    thank you Leader. You deserve it in the future

  • This young man is a great inspiration to the future leaders of this country. Starting of with the right mindset-remarkable!! Keep it up govenor

  • from akowe:
    try to put some effort into human development area and assist the EHP students attending the universities and colleges throughout the country

  • Thats the leadership we deserve. Show your political rivals what you have for your people and province,
    Thats the Leader, Rt Hon. Pter Numu

  • Bold and straightforward leadership. We need young leaders of his calibre to progress our country forward

  • Differences and intermittent squabbling amongst EHP leaders are intrinsically systematic and there’s no time in the history did the good province ever seen a unity amongst its leaders. Unity will improve synergy within the system of development and needs to be uphold.

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