Numu names joint project, budget committee


EASTERN Highlands Governor Peter Numu has named a 13-member provincial joint project and budget committee.
Numu heads the committee as chairman. The members are Kivi Mambia (Kainantu district), Pale Luhuwae (Goroka), Emmane Kendaura (Ungai-Bena), Brian Atiayafa (Henganofi), Solomon Tina (Daulo), Nama Hananito (Lufa), Terry Akena (Okapa), Merrah Minne Kipefa, MP (Obura-Wonenara), Vilo Wartove (ex-officio), Samson Akunai, provincial administrator (ex-officio), Selina Lomutopa (women’s representative) and Peter Garen (church representative).
Numu said the committee members were experienced and successful people in their respective walks of life.
He said they would be the core decision-makers in distributing financial resources for the eight districts of Eastern Highlands.
Numu said the committee members represented the districts and various stakeholders as required by law.
The members were sworn-in on Friday night at Diwai Hut Lodge.
Numu said the appointments were endorsed by the full provincial executive council onSept 12.

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