Numu praised for building the right bridges for Eastern Highlands


Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu and his provincial government members should be commended for allocating more funds from their 2019 provincial budget for the building of roads and bridges in the province.
People, especially in districts like Okapa, Lufa and Obura Wonenara, have been cut off by road for decades.
When Numu’s projects are completed those people will be connected to the main economic centres like Goroka, Kainantu, and Henganofi where they will be able to sell their coffee and other cash crops.
In the past, people called on their MPs and the governors for help, but no one listened. Now, thanks to the new MPs in EHP, new roads will be built and old ones will be repaired and maintained.
Governor Numu is taking the lead, as we saw during the announcement and the unanimous approval of his budget by the provincial assembly.
The governor knows that the SMEs and the informal sector in the province touch the lives of most people and he has therefore made the right decision to fund roads and bridges to connect people to the outside world.
Through the participation of our people in the SME and informal business sectors, their ability to generate income will improve.
We appeal to other local MPs in the eight districts to work with their governor to transform the province economically.

Charles Ifu
Yamox, Watabung EHP

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