Numu to protect workers in EHP

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EASTERN Highlanders Governor Peter Numu says he will do all he can to ensure that people in his province are not underpaid by foreigners.
He said he would approach foreign-owned businesses and employers, who did not pay locals a fair wage, and deal with them.
“Every worker must be paid K300 and above as per the minimum wages board determination,” Numu said.
“Any foreigners paying below K300, please alert my office so they will be dealt with accordingly.
“No foreigner must come to use my people as cheap labour.”
Numu commended spot checks on foreign business by joint state agencies in Goroka and Kainantu towns that resulted in the apprehension of 22 people from Asia, including Bangladesh, who operated businesses while in breach of the immigration laws.
“I support the operation as it is geared towards eliminating discrepancies like underpayment of local employees below the minimum wages determination, work permit, banking, censorship issues and illegal immigration,” he said.

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