Numu’s visit appreciated


I EXPRESS my gratitude in response to an article in last Thursday’s The National.
At this time of economic uncertainties, political differences and bias, I acknowledge Governor Peter Numu for visiting remote Marawaka in Obura-Wonenara, Eastern Highlands.
Governor, your visit to Marawaka personally has brought much excitement and enthusiasm from the people.
It demonstrates your fair leadership and presence in the area.
You are showing true leadership quality and a person of concern to deliver services, despite the numbers of votes and locality.
Your commitments to various projects is commended.
It shows you are not forgetting your people from the outback of Eastern Highlands.
I am sure your trip will not be a waste.
My concern now is the proper administration, coordination and implementation of the projects. Local officers who are entrusted to various projects must be on their toes planning and implementing.
This should be done without any corrupt practices, which will hinder services funded by the governor, local MP’s and provincial government, for that matter.
The so-called project coordinators for various projects in Yelia LLG must perform to expectations to realise monetary values per project, according to budget.
To the people, especially young people, let’s take ownership and be responsible for what little or big the government is giving.