Nurses asked to help bring health changes


Papua New Guinea Nursing Association executives have been urged to provide recommendations from the annual symposium to the Health Department to influence changes.
Deputy secretary Elva Lionel, at the 14th National Nurses Research Symposium in Kokopo, East New Britain, said: “During the symposium, you must look at how your voices can be brought up to our management levels so that we can influence changes.”
She agreed that the association was the biggest group among eight unions and had a stronger voice to influence decision-making in health service development.
“The department wants that when your  association meets in forums like this, you  have resolutions to give back to the department, otherwise you are not influencing any change to the policy developers,” Lionel said.
“Having this gathering is expensive so those of us who are in administration, we think about value for money all the time and what we are going to get in these types of forums.”
Lionel challenged the executives that once all the resolutions were done, they should provide feedback to the department.
Lionel urged nurses to engage in serious discussions at the symposium this week.