Nurses execs urged to fight

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THE newly-elected national and branch executives of the PNG Nurses Association (PNGNA) have been challenged to fight hard for better terms and conditions for nurses throughout the country.
General secretary Jack Suao congratulated the executives and urged them to fight for better working and living conditions and salary packages for struggling nursing officers who work tirelessly in hospitals and rural health facilities.
“It is you who make better decisions to assist the helpless nurses to have enough money to cater for their families while performing their duties at the work places,” he said.
Suao was speaking during the declaration of the election results of the PNGNA last Thursday.
He told the members that they were privileged to have a union, adding that without it (union), they (members) would not have want they wanted.
He said taking up the office was not an easy job with members looking up to the executives.
Suao told the new executives to continue working to address the outstanding issues for the three years they would be in office.
The election results were announced by PNG Electoral Commission’s appointed returning officer for PNGNA, Cyril Retaw.
Sr Emi Kaptigau was re-elected as the national president, Carman Yakopa as vice-president and the treasurer’s seat went to Marcella Hasifangu.
The Port Moresby branch chairperson went to Frederick Kebai and Bonnie Hurae as his deputy.