NVS must come clear

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NATIONAL Volunteer Services (NVS) staff and volunteers have threatened to resign en masse unless Family and Community Development Department clears confusions over a possible duplication of office.
The workers said in a written statement last week that NVS acting chairman Joseph Klapat, who is Family and Community Development secretary, had 14 days to explain why they were creating another office within the department without their knowledge.
The workers  demanded to know why Mr Klapat was running a duplicate office at DFCD when they were already occupying one at Boroko.
Mr Klapat was not available to respond to the queries, but an officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity,  confirmed that a temporary office was set up early this year to look after volunteers services affairs while NVS council and former director, Mark Mondia, sort out management  problems between them.
The volunteers said it had taken too long to solve the problem between the management and NVS council.
“The staff of the NVS are left out in the cold, as we don’t know what is happening between the management and the council,” a spokesperson for the group said.