NZ police to assist in B’ville


A REGIONAL assistance police team led by the New Zealand police will be deployed to assist Bougainville Police Service provide security during the Referendum, acting Police Commissioner Francis Tokura says.
“A 100 men team from the Royal PNG Constabulary will be deployed and all these outside police officers including the members of the Bougainville Police Services will be unarmed during their deployment for the Referendum,” he said.
“These teams, including members of the Bougainville Police Service, will be under the command of acting Bougainville Police Service commander Paul Kamuai.”
Tokura said they have a concept in place for a regional assisting Police team headed by NZ police and there were indication that they would be supported by police officers from Australia, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
The 100 men team from RPNGC will comprise both Bougainvilleans and non-Bougainvilleans serving, especially in the New Guinea Islands.
Tokura said they were awaiting funds before engaging in the security operations for the Referendum.
“We have submitted funding for K7.6 million and we are aware that the National Executive Council has released some funds,” he said.
“We are just waiting for the National Coordination Office of Bougainville Affairs to advise us.”
Tokura said preparations for security operations for the Referendum was on track as far as RPNG was concerned.
“Our operation is in three phases and they are pre-referendum, polling and post referendum (after the results are declared),” Tokura said.
“Right now, we have 242 regular officers and 350 community ancillary police officers engaged with the Bougainville Police Services.”

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