O’Neil supports carbon trading

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The National

IALIBU Pangia MP Peter O’Neill has taken heed of the people’s decision to support carbon trading  instead of logging their forests.
He said their decision could result in better forest management, land management and more agriculture-based activities.
The revenue from carbon trading would enable them to build roads, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, he said when opening a new double classroom for Tiripini Primary School on Saturday.
A representative of the 274 East Pangia Incorporated Land Group (ILG), Luke Yawa, urged Mr O’Neill to work with the developer to fast-track the carbon trading.
He said action would speak louder than words.
The managing director of developer Nupan (PNG) Trading Corporation Ltd, Kirks Robert, said the process now was one of “consultation and formal documentation”.
He told The National that he had officially listed the carbon credits with an independent validator.
“The process could take three to four months, depending on the weather,” he said.
“We have to make sure that the project area is mapped correctly, all the land owners identified, consult with them, and then form an incorporated land group.”
Mr Robert said this was a commercial activity under the country’s existing laws.