O’Neill’s proposal dangerous for PNG

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 IF what Sam Basil said is true regarding the danger posed by the proposed constitutional amendments, then this government could be one of the worst we have ever had.

I admire the leadership of the current prime minister and what his government has done within a short space of time in office, but this proposed amendment seems to be dangerous for our country’s young democracy. 

Our Constitution is the foundation of our country and should not be tampered with.

If I remember correctly, the worst amendment by O’Neill was done during the political impasse when the judiciary was attacked.

The prime minister should take that as a good lesson for him and his advisors. 

The amendments to extend the prime minister’s grace period from 18 months to 30 has strengthened confidence in doing business in PNG which should be enough.

O’Neill should not be so worried about a vote of no-confidence as 

to tinker with the Constitution again.

Papua New Guinea is the land of the unexpected. When you think everything is going smoothly, something unforeseen will happen. 

Please stop tampering with our constitution and let democracy prevail.

Prove that this Government is truly for the people of PNG.


Douglas Gilichibi

Port Moresby