O’Neill condemns killing

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The National, Wednesday 17th April 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has voiced his disappointment over the killing of an Australian tourist and the rape on his girlfriend in Mt Hagen.

The Australian, who was identified, was shot dead at a friend’s home while his girlfriend was raped on Monday.

“I condemn the killing of this tourist and the attack on his girlfriend,” he said in a statement last night. 

“It is a cowardly act of animals. This kind of behaviour totally undermines our efforts to make our country a safe destination for investment and tourists.”

He has directed Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga to do all he could to bring those responsible to justice.

“Our community cannot be safe until we bring perpetrators of such heinous crimes to face the full force of the law.

“We cannot allow the entire nation to suffer because of the behaviour of one or two sick people,” he said.

Purdy Robert Peter, aged 63 of Melbourne, who arrived in Mt Hagen on April 4 as a tourist was staying with an Australian friend, the owner of Banz Kofi at the burnt down Plumes and Arrow Inn.

Provincial police commander Supt Martin Lakari said between seven to 10 men had jumped over the fence to enter the home.

Lakari said they went upstairs and shot Peter. They then went downstairs, dragged the woman upstairs and raped her.

He said the criminals later left the home but did not take any valuables.

Lakari said the owner of the house was away in Australia.

He said the woman was recovering at the Mt Hagen hospital.

“These criminals are giving a bad name to the province and we must not protect them,” he said.

“They have animal brains and are destroying the image of the province and country.”

He said they deserved to be locked up in a cage like animals.

He said that any information provided to the police would be treated with confidence. He can be contacted on 542 1435.