O’Neill: Do not believe ‘reliable sources’

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The National, Monday 07th November 2011

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill yesterday called for an end to speculation and rumour mongering about his government based on alleged information from “reliable sources”.
Responding to a report in the weekly Sunday Chronicle claiming there were moves afoot to bring former finance minister Patrick Pruaitch into government to displace Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah, the prime minister said: “In terms of doing political deals, the deal was already done on Aug 2.
“If there is going to be any new deal, it will be done after the 2012 general election.”
He said while there had been teething problems in his government, as with all things new, there was good exchange of ideas and there was vibrancy in his coalition.
He said the people ought to be given facts to judge government by and not speculation, innuendo and rumours.
The media report came on the back of another speculation by the former chief justice that the government was going to displace senior judges, which the prime minister dismissed as nonsense.
O’Neill said the elections were important and people needed solid information to make informed decisions.
“Let the people decide,” he said. “People will decide whether the former government acted in their interest or whe­ther my government is acting in their interest.”