O’Neill doesn’t beat around the bush

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to express my view in relation to the way the current finance and treasury minister is attending to the queries of the people.
Compared to our previous finance and treasury ministers, I can hardly recall one instance where the minister would come out to the public and just give a straight “yes” or “no” answer to queries of the common people.
Just look at the way the current minister, Peter O’Neill, is attending to some of the queries like the seed capital payment to landowners and ex-servicemen.
I remember one of his statements in the media where he said: “This is your money and you are entitled to it and you will be paid.”
I am not saying former ministers did not do their job but often, they were the cause of delays that many people, especially the ex-servicemen, died while waiting for the money.
I urge O’Neill to complete his job so that the ex-servicemen can return home.
The minister must also continue with district roll out programme.


Port Moresby