O’Neill, eradicate deep-rooted Wantok mentality

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013

 WANTOKISM has been in practice since the birth of this wonderful nation and not much has been done to eradicate it. 

Wantokism is in every workforce, be it public or private and its roots have grown deeper and deeper.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill spoke highly of transparency and accountability, but what about wantokism ?

As the chief executive of this country, can he move  to eradicate wantokism or nepotism?

For the good of the seven million people of this country, O’Neill must create a  transparent government administration.

Wantokism leads to bribery, fraud, injustice, sexual harassment, poor work ethics, poor job opportunities. The list goes on. 

It is crippling this nation.

The government is coming down hard on robbers, brutal policemen, etc, but can the PNC-led government of  more than 100 MPs address the issue of wantokism?

It is common knowledge that the top management of some government-funded organisations and agencies are filled by people who have familial links with some leaders.

I, for one, would like the Labour and Industrial Relations Department to make the public aware if government agencies allow such practices. 

The mentality of wantokism has driven many young, educated men to say: “It is not what you know, but whom you know”.

If the current government can include wantokism in the fight against corruption, it will be the best government of PNG. 


Fed up