O’Neill: Govt will improve public service conditions

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The National, Thursday 13th June 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill told public servants in Southern Highlands last week that the Government would improve their working conditions. 

He said the shift in government resources to the districts and provinces would allow the Government to improve salaries, accommodation and other conditions.

He said he wanted public servants to do a good job in implementing government polices to help improve the lives of people.

O’Neill said public servants were needed to move Government plans forward and they should be looked after.

He said the public service would undergo a review that would make the provincial and district administrators powerful to take charge of public servants.

“The district and provincial administrators will have powers to hire and fire public servants who do not commit to their work,” O’Neill said.

He said with the economic boom and the possibility of increasing government revenue, the Go­vernment would also consider increa­sing the total funding of the local level government, the district and the provincial service improvement programmes.