O’Neill is providing sustainable services

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the letter “We need sustainable service, O’Neill” (The National, Aug 24) by “Mr Adviser”.
The writer said the MP engaged unqualified local firms to upgrade and maintain roads or to build classrooms, hospitals, etc.
For the writer’s information, the Ialibu-Pangia road sealing is done by Civpac Engineering and the Wiru loop road is being upgraded by Pangia Investment Cooperation Limited (PICL).
All the buildings are being maintained by PICL.
The MP is also sponsoring Pangia rugby league to encourage youths to stay away from drugs, sex, etc, and play sports.
All the services by the MP are sustainable. 
I wonder if the writer is living in Ialibu or Pangia right now. 
Below are some sustainable services that MP has provided.
* Ialibu-Pangia road sealing;
* Wiru loop road upgrading and Koare road upgrading;
* Machinery for Ialibu-Pangia electorate;
* Telecommunication through V-Sat;
* 24-hour electricity, seven days a week;
* Permanent district office; and
* Schools and hospital maintenance.
We are fortunate to have these basic services.
Keep up the good work, Mr O’Neill, and prove the writer wrong.


Joegee Kambu