O’Neill is right choice for the nation

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

PETER O’Neill is not only the choice of Ialibu-Pangia but should also be the choice of the seven million people of PNG.
Many of his party’s candidates are leading in the progressive counts as a result of service delivery his government made in the nine months it was in power.
The challenges that lie ahead are the changes in politics, technology, markets and public expectations.
Most countries rely on visionary leaders to get the job done, and are accountable to the people. 
The government must provide much needed resources and infrastructure for PNG to move forward.
New goals and new measures ought to be set and implemented.
Sometimes, it is just a matter of adding some experienced people and technology.
The prime minister will have to respond to the people as well as international communities for their needs by doing the job or enlisting the support of other experienced political parties for the betterment of the county.
Whatever the challenge, the prime minister will have to be prepared to work closely with other stakeholders.
Always take into ac­count the poli­tical, economic and social context within which the agenda is set and policies pursued.
The agenda may be set by a person but the stakehol­ders’ involvement
is im­por­tant for the success of the government.
Identify as many viable options as possible and evaluate as many relevant criteria as possible.
The approach to implementation should be functional in addressing the issue, cost effectiveness and flexibility to account for changing circumstances.
Minimum evaluation of policy output and impact are better than no evaluations at all.
Policy change or termination can do more good than harm when required, when the conditions are right and the reasoning are sound.
Policy-making is an evolutionary process and we have to learn from others and ourselves for what works and what does not.
I am confident that O’Neill will deliver for the benefit the citizens.

Benjamin Kuna
Yoropina, Pangia