O’Neill: Live up or ship out

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The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

THE government will not tolerate slackness, corruption and excuses for not delivering services which people deserve, according to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“Within the first three months of this government, any person, both in politics and public service that is not willing to live up to these commitments will have no place in our people’s government,” he said.
Speaking during Independence anniversary celebrations in Port Moresby on Sunday, he said all anti-corruption agencies would be combined.
“We have activated the National Task Force Against Corruption to begin the process of amalgamation of all state agencies involved in anti-corruption operations,” he said.
He said Task Force Sweep would continue to play its role as the government moved to also establish the Independent Commission against Corruption.
“Our government is serious about growing our nation’s future through prudent and stable economic and political management,” he said.
“That has begun with the delivery of free education for all our children, free basic healthcare to all people, improved infrastructure which includes roads, highways, seaports and airports and better telecommunication and energy supply systems to be delivered efficiently under our public-private partnership arrangements,” he said.
O’Neill said they were working on financial options to deliver programmes within the legal and financial framework of the country.