O’Neill must rethink make-up of new govt

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 02nd August, 2012

THE people of PNG would be the real losers if the Peter O’Neill camp were to mix with rotten apples.
Since last August, we thought a people’s government was in place and expected to see better services, which have been missing in the past 36 years, through young, vibrant leaders such as Sam Basil, Belden Namah, Don Polye, Peter O’Neill, William Duma the with guidance from Sir Julius Chan.
This government was also seen to be bringing to justice, through the Task Force Sweep, those who have misused public money and assets or abused processes and systems.
We thought that those who have been in government for the past nine years would be dealt with.
However, that does not seem to be happening this time around.
O’Neill’s camp in Alotau includes the same MPs they talked about holding responsible for misusing public funds and abusing the system.
Who are they trying to fool?
Is it us, the people of PNG, who have cried for change, or themselves?
O’Neill must set a benchmark
for the country and go back to the origins when he was first given power by the likes of Namah, Polye and Duma.
He should complete his plans of fighting corruption and holding those that have been involved directly or indirectly in corrupt practices responsible.
Bringing services should be every MP’s main priority, but fighting corruption will be the most honourable thing to do.
It would be the main task to bring services and prosperity to the country.
O’Neill has the numbers together with Polye, Namah, Duma and Sir Julius to form the government that started last August.
If the new government were to be formed with these members, I suspect something sinister will happen.
Otherwise, I believe corruption could be stopped by leaders such as Namah, Basil, Polye and Duma who were part of the government that was formed last August after Sir Michael was ousted.

Baba Dee
Port Moresby