O’Neill must stop abusing the law

Letters, Normal

The National,Friday23 December 2011

WHY 72? Why Not 73 or 71 or 60?
The amendment by parliament on Wednesday, or more correctly, by Peter O’Neill’s MPs, has very clearly showed us their objective and mentality.
The amendment had only one purpose and that was to prevent Sir Michael Somare from taking up the position of prime minister.
Forget all the rhetoric from O’Neill that the amendment is to allow younger leaders the opportunity to lead the country.
That is all nonsense and he insults the people if he thinks we are so gullible as to believe him.
Sir Julius Chan has finally spoken up at least to condemn the bill as well.
The National quoted him: “It is a very wrong bill. You guys are panic­king and are trying to derail the process and the Constitution.
“None of you have proven to lead the country for a long time. You have just come in yesterday.”
O’Neill, regrettably, has already misled the people more than once.
As this crisis drags on, he has only tarnished his image and reputation further.
It now appears that our laws are being amended to suit O’Neill and his supporters.
This is a dangerous trend. What next?
It’s anyone’s guess.
I could suggest that instead of 72, they should bring it down to be consistent with the retirement age of ci­vil servants.
This may rule out many of the MPs in O’Neill’s camp but I am sure they would be ready to sacrifice themselves for the nation’s interest, right?
No, I do not think so.
Self-interests come first.
Having announced to the people and the world that his group is in control, that he is now the rightful prime minister and his government is in place, why are they resorting to such measures?
Are they so scared that Sir Michael will be able to recover from the setbacks and oust them, just as the Supreme Court did when it ruled that they had illegally removed the Grand Chief as prime minister?
If they are of the opinion that a 72-year-old man is too old to lead the country, why should they then be scared of him?
And please do not tell me that they have the interest of the country at heart.
Many are probably already scanning property brochures down south or in other Pacific islands.
In spite of all the developments, I remain convinced that Sir Michael is the legitimate prime minister.
He was illegally removed.
O’Neill and his supporters, inclu­ding the embarrassing man that we call the parliamentary speaker, used their numbers to twist and change the laws to suit their interests.
Yes, they have the numbers, but the Constitution is supreme, not parliament.
If parliament is supreme, can you imagine the mess that MPs could creat­e for PNG?
They have already shown us all how ready and happy they are to amend the laws to suit their interests.
If we say parliament is supreme, then we are saying that a handful of people out of seven million people have the power to make any changes to suit themselves anytime they please.
How stupid is that?
I appeal to the people of PNG to wake up to the nonsense that is being handed down by this group of power-hungry MPs.
Forget regionalism. Forget wantokism.
PNG, our country, must come first and it begins by respecting our laws and the Constitution.
If do not respect our laws and the Constitution, we are nothing because we deserve no better.

Not yet 72,
Port Moresby