O’Neill needs to discipline DPM and AG

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

THE commentary in The National (Nov 14) by Southern Highlands Go­vernor Anderson Agiru regarding the recent standoff between the NEC and the judiciary was spot on.
He is a staunch suppor­ter and advocate of good go­vernance, transparency and rule of law.
Agiru said it without fear or favour. 
The people call on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to discipline Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah and Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat by sacking them.
He has to protect the Constitution, not his political friends.
The prime minister had said the judiciary and the Constitution would never be tampered with and he must live up to that pro­mise.
The two main actors in the standoff have too much power in their hands and what they had done was very dangerous.
We also learned they were released on own recognizance (OR).
Namah, as acting NEC chairman, and Marat, as chief legal adviser, have undeniably aided and collaborated to rob the people’s Constitution.
The acting police commissioner is not helping to protect our Constitution and has put himself in disrepute.

Port Moresby