O’Neill teaming up with wrong faction

Letters, Normal

The National, Mondy 14th November 2011

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill is a respected leader.
However, what is worrying me and perhaps other­ Papua New Gui­neans are the antics of his deputy, Belden Namah.
Namah seems to be making decisions that explicitly contradict the prime minister’s.
There are many examples but I will highlight
two main ones.
Days after this government was formed on Aug 2, O’Neill promised the sale of the Falcon jet.
The main argument was the huge budget needed to keep it running.
The money from the sale of the jet was would be channelled to the country’s health care and others.
However, Namah flew out of town on board the Falcon days after O’Neill made the an­nouncement.
The second and most profound was suspension of the Chief Justice Salamo Injia last Thursday.  
Earlier this month, O’Neill had asked former attorney-general Sir Arnold Amet to apologise for making an unfounded and highly speculative public statement about the judiciary when he alleged Sir Salamo would be sidelined.
However, the action of Namah and Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat contradicted the prime minister’s statement and confirmed the allegation of Sir Arnold. 
I believe Namah is swiftly destroying the go­vernment which had won applause from the people.
Controversial decisions were being made when the prime mi­nister was out of the country.
It would be wise of the prime minister to sack his deputy and replace him with someone more ma­ture.

Huayombohn Bandiniakha
Haniyak, ESP