O’Neill thanks churches for contribution

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The National, Tuesday 28th March 2013

 EASTER is the most important occasion in the life of the Christian church but it is also a four-day holiday period here in Pa­pua New Guinea, and in other countries where Christianity is the largest religion, Prime Mi­nister Peter O’Neill said.

He said in his Easter message yesterday that, Easter was a time all Christians remembered Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for mankind on Good Friday, and his wonderful resurrection on Easter Day.

“This Easter, I want to thank our Christian churches for the wonderful contribution they continue to make to Papua New Guinea.

“Much of the work of the churches goes largely unrecognised – and that makes it even more important for me, as prime minister, to acknowledge them and to express my appreciation, and that of the whole nation.

“I am proud of the fact that my government is now directly funding church programmes in education, health and social services,” he said.

O’Neill said his government would continue to assist the churches in their programmes for the service of the people and urged provincial and local level government leaders to help fund this vital work as well.

“What our churches are doing is faithfully implementing Christ’s key messages – to help the underprivileged and the poor, to tend to the sick and to support family life in every way, and especially the education of our children.