O’Neill wrong to strip Duma of portfolio

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 5th, 2014

 THE  stripping  of  the Petroleum  and Energy portfolio from William Duma by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on grounds of non-performance is childish. 

The nation has witnessed and seen a lot in the petroleum industry under Duma’s 10-year tenure.

Let  us  reflect  on   Duma’s predecessors in the likes of Sir Moi Avei and others. 

They  knew  that we had a massive petroleum reserve prospect up in the Highlands but they did not develop it.

Why  did they not negotiate with investors like developers or buyers and secure markets?

They did not do it because they lacked the ability and depth.

Then came 2002 when Duma  was  elected to represent the most powerful seat in the country where the people of Hagen Central were the masterminds. 

Into the ‘House of Commons’ in  the capital, former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, in his wisdom  and with no hesitation, tried Duma out as environment and conservation minister which he overwhelmingly performed. 

After  three  years of good performance, Duma was granted the economy-generating petroleum and energy ministry portfolio by  Somare  which he held until last week. 

Somare has trust and confidence in him because of his strengths and qualities. Duma grew stronger and the PNG LNG project is a reflection of the man’s work.

Duma was the mind  behind the 2011 overthrow of the NA regime. 

Out of nowhere O’Neill jumped to the top post of the nation’s CEO. 

Now the reality is that, the first  LNG  shipment is in  July  and  O’Neill’s intention  to lay a hand in the LNG matters may not be liked by Duma. 

Therefore, he has thrown his own men in there so that he can manipulate them. 

Let us recall 2011, when Sam  Abel  made  the  dumbest choice to dump Duma and Don Polye, the NA regime trembled. 

The scenario has resurfaced, but now it is Duma alone. 

For now, let us wait and let time decide who the patriotic leader is and who will speak the voice of the 7.8 million  people  of  PNG. 

Wulumulg Kange

Port Moresby