OBE is home grown and needs support

Letters, Normal

I REFER to Dorothy Tipian’s letter “Time to get rid of OBE” (The National, April 1). 
I think, as a practitioner, she failed to think one step ahead.
It is not a matter of what people think about general interpretation of what the academics say without research on the nature of implementation.
They quickly forget where and how they were brought up.
The people who criticise live in urban areas and do not know anything about village life.
The old curriculum was good at that time as it was introduced by expatriates based on foreign contexts.
But time is changing and we have to move along with it.
We were once knowledge-based but now, we need to critically analyse, synthesise, evaluate and think more critically and be independent learners.
So the new curriculum calls for the learning outcomes through critical eye.
If you cannot make it, then ship out, as the standards officers always say.
OBE is home-grown and if you cannot accept it, then it is time to leave.
But I would encourage the writer to remain positive and accept the changes.
You need to improvise and be innovative to bring PNG to another level.
So let us join Education secretary Dr Joseph Pagelio and his team. Let us stop barking unnecessarily.


Fegsley Risapi
Port Moresby