OBE programme to be tested in Hagen

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THE Mt Hagen Tarangau Primary School will be the first school in the country to trial a teacher-friendly programme under the outcomes-based educated (OBE) system.
This trial programme, called the master programme plan, will be used by Grades 5, 6, 7  next year.
The Education Department has also given its backing for the trial programme and if proven successful, will be implemented in other schools.
The formulation of the programme took seven years to complete and was done by Paul Pawa and another teacher.
Pawa, during the official launch of the programme, said the school would see how it worked and test whether it would be best for implementation in other schools.
He said it was also teacher-friendly and would assist teacher in their role instead of giving them much work.
He said the programme was designed in line with the OBE system and was ideal for teachers and would create a flexible learning routine.
School board chairman Douglas Ivarato, who has been vocal against the reform system, welcomed the programme.
He said education was a vital tool in nation building and having adequate, quality education was the way forward.
He said the best way was to have competition  learning in the clans so that teachers test the mentality  of students and how good they are.
Tarangau was also the pilot school in the province to become a primary school and introduce Grades 7 and 8.