OBE system must be stopped now!

Letters, Normal

I HAVE read a fair number of reports on the bad effects and symptoms of outcome based education (OBE) and have to be blunt to say once again that it is a “de-generative tool”.
It is blood-heatingly annoying.
It’s a confused and a very bad system.
This is not just my personal rant.
It is backed up by the glaring results on the performance charts of basic English (poor grammar, poor reading comprehension, Pidginish-English style written, spoken English), poor Maths and basic Science topics.
Everything poor in simple terms!
By the way, I have not been able to read that many conclusive and good reports on the upsides or the drummed up positives of OBE– its subtle scarcity may also be an unpenned evidence (clear indicator really) of its own mammoth failure.
I completely agree with this: Education is not a product defined by specific outcome measurers; it’s a process, the development of the mind (Holt 1994)
I also share the same view that: Outcome-based education is not education: it is experimentation; it is not academic but psychological, (Schlafly 1994)
The OBE system is not anywhere near insanity level, but it’s at a total mockery level. It is an offence to be ignoring the toxicity that it is throwing upon PNG’s human resource like that.
It must be stopped. And the time to do that is, now!

Former teacher, via email