Obey SOE protocols


ON the second week of the state of emergency (SOE) lockdown, my daughter and I went to Bumbu settlement to visit my parents.
We wanted to see how they both were doing during the lockdown.
On our way, I saw a church full to its capacity worshipping.
Being a public servant, I was very disappointed because when the State had declared that everyone should be on lockdown, there should be no social gathering in large numbers.
Church leaders agreed to abide by the directive.
I asked a by stander why they were having their service and the person said “… mipla bai sanap olsem Daniel, mipla bai nonap bow down na harim toktok bilong gavman. Mipla bai still go ahead na lotu…” (We will stand like Daniel, we will not bow down and listen to the Government. We will still go ahead and have service).
Hearing that made me angry.
This SOE lockdown is a preventive measure enforced by the government to contain the spread of the Covid-19.
It doesn’t mean the privilege of worship was taken away, but put on hold.
I alerted the police and they stopped the service without any violence and asked the congregation to go home.
To all our church leaders, we should learn to obey.
Isn’t that the sermon we preach?



  • Do God love their worship? What did the scripture in Romans 13 says. It says ‘obedience to governing authorities’ They think that they were worshipping God but instead they were worshipping the beast. Real evil lives in all the churches, be careful those who obedience to the WORD of God!!

  • “Harim tok na behinim,” its in the bible. they should develop a strategy, maybe split the group into three, morning , day and afternoon. Social distancing.

  • Short sighted leaders do that. Ignorants law breakers. The Context of Daniel is not same here. Government did not stop us from worshiping. We were allowed to worship privately at our homes. Nothing wrong with that. It is good to exercise your personal faith at home with your families.

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