Objection to detention centre based on Mama Lo

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th August 2012

THE writer, Ai Karenge of Port Moresby (“Manus affairs are not Parkop’s business”, Aug 23), needs to understand issues before commenting.
My objection to the reopening of the detention centre in Manus has nothing to do with my ethnicity and place of origin.
It has to do with our right to li­berty under section 42 of our Constitution and other rights provided to safe guard our people from arbitrary arrest and de­tention and rights of people detained.
Imagine if the police and authorities in our country were allowed to detain people without charging them and holding them for an indefinite period.
I am sure the writer would not want to be caught in such a situation.
I would object to the proposal between the Australian and PNG governments irrespective of where the detention centre is located.
It has nothing to do with Manus.
I would still object if it was in Telefomin, Morata or Hohola.
I have maintained this position well before I was elected into parliament and I have no intention of relenting as long as the plan does not comply with the constitutional laws of our country.

Powes Parkop
NCD Governor