Observers recommend early update to 2022 roll


TRANSPARENCY International (TI) observers have recommended that the updating of the 2022 electoral roll should begin now to eliminate any risks of vote-rigging.
Executive director Arianne Kassman said they had recommended major changes to the Electoral Commission and its partners “to promote behaviour that will lead to democratic elections”.
“The updating and verification of the electoral common roll is an area that has to be done to avoid reports of bribery, double voting and other undemocratic practices that TI observers reported during the 2017 national election,” she said.
Kassman said the enforcement of laws by agencies during elections, security and the prevention of election-related violence must also be addressed.
Kassman said while presenting their report to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato the 2017 election had not been delivered effectively and efficiently.
“It was of an unacceptable quality. Voters reported that voting rights were taken by others without permission,” Kassman said.
“Polling officials were responsible for delays in voting that resulted in voters not being able to vote.
“Voters were threatened not to vote for their desired candidates, voters were offered bribes or asked for bribes to vote on polling day. And there was a lack of secrecy in voting.”