Obura-Wonenara joins Fun Run

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 THE Eastern Highlands electorate of Obura-Wonenara took part for the first time in a Trukai Fun Run event last week. 

For the people it was of Obura a special experience to be part of a national event. 

The Fun Run T-shirts were sponsored by O-WAN, which is an acronym for Obura-Wonenara.

Local MP Mehrra Minne Kipefa commended O-WAN for sponsored five hundred T-shirts with along with Vita water bottles. 

Next year the number would increase so more people in the district would have a chance to participate.

“The people of Obura and Wonenara  have only heard, read and seen pictures of the famous Trukai Fun Run but have never participated. Thanks to our MP and O-WAN the district has joined in the national event,” a spokesman said.