OC: Too much talking, no action against graft


CHIEF Ombudsman Michael Dick has called on people to do something about fighting corruption instead of just talking about it.
Dick said corruption was a devastating culture which everyone must address.
“The fight against corruption starts with us as an individual person,” he said.
“We know ourselves better than anyone else. You yourself will know whether you are a corrupt person or not.
“Likewise, in an organisation, it knows itself better than any other organisation or those outside.”
He said people at all levels of government talked too much about corruption but took little action.
“People talk so much against corruption. But taking real action to address corruption is not always there,” he said.
“That’s why fighting corruption has to start personally. Otherwise, we can only talk and achieve nothing. We will continue to go around a vicious cycle.”
Dick also urged state agencies to take the fight against corruption seriously as a key part of their operations.
He said the role of OC was to provide oversight on the operations and functions of state agencies so that they performed their functions and duties in accordance with the laws and established systems and processes of governance.
He said the OC was taking a proactive approach by establishing a complaint desk in state agencies to improve their governance system.

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