OCCES set for Denmark

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THE Office of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability (OCCES) is prepared to represent Papua New Guinea at the United Nations Convention of Climate Chance (UNCCC) in Denmark in December.
Acting executive director of OCCES Dr Wari Iamo told a news conference last Friday that PNG could not afford to miss the Copenhagen meeting.
He said intense interest has been raised around the world on the long-term need to promote low-carbon economies to address climate change issues.
Dr Iamo said PNG too, was taking a serious view of these issues and their impact on the economy and livelihood of the people.
He added the Government recently make a number of decisions aimed at strengthening the arrangement for climate change management.
Dr Iamo said the OCCES was providing sound policy to the Government on climate change issues and was devising measures consistent with PNG’s international commitments and obligations.
This means OCCES would ensure that steps were taken to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation and maximise benefits from carbon trading.
Dr Iamo stressed that OCCES would ensure that local communities benefit from the carbon trade.
He said OCCES was set up by the Government last year to counter the adverse effects of climate change, maximise the opportunities from global trade in carbon and to work with global communities to
reduce green house gas emission.