Offical: Rising fuel price causes jump in PMV fares


AN increase in Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) fares in East New Britain is due to rise in fuel prices, says acting provincial Land Transport board chairman Charles Varvala.
Varvala clarified this yesterday after passengers in the province were forced to pay higher fares since early this month.
Most buses travelling on routes within Kokopo town are charging K1 and others are charging 0.90t.
The old fare was K0.80t for all town routes except for the deteriorated Kokopo-Raniolo Road which was K1.
Kokopo-Rabaul route has increased from K3.60 to K4.
Varvala said changes in PMV fares were made known by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) in a circular issued to transport boards in all provinces early this year.
“It is not only in ENB but throughout the country,” he said.
“The increase, I believe, is due to an increase in fuel prices.
“ICCC makes the adjustment in transport fares depending on their own assessments.
“The increase is just by 10t, so PMVs should not be charging people more.”
Varvala said taxis were not affected by the increase because they had meters in their vehicles so the fares would be according to the meter readings. Varvala urged passengers to report any PMVs if they were overcharging.
He said PMV operators and their crew needed to be honest to apply the correct rates.