Officer achieves Masters

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


A PNG Defence Force officer has become the first Papua New Guinean to successfully complete a one-year Masters programme at the College of Defence and Strategic Studies in Beijing, China.

It is part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army National Defence University in China. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Kari from East Sepik was the former commanding officer of the first Pacific Island Regiment at Taurama Barracks in the national capital before being replaced during the mutiny and the political impasse in 2011.

He was later selected to attend a one-year programme.

Kari said although he was not the first to study at the university, he was the first to graduate with a masters degree from there. 

Kari was among 25 officers to graduate from the intake of 99 from 54 countries.

He graduated with an advanced diploma and the Masters degree. His thesis was on “PNG building a democratic country” at the same university.

Kari said it was a challenging but high-level course as he was among higher ranked military officers from other countries.

“It was a tough course. But of course it was wonderful and I really enjoyed the course. Thanks to God for his grace as I graduated successfully.

“I am prepared to face any challenges the commander and his officers want me to do.

“I will deliver,” Kari said.